As Voice Over

I love sitting or standing behind the pop filter. And I can intensely enjoy listening to other voice overs. Richard Baseheart being one of them. His voice (over) the commercials for Chrysler’s New Yorker and Imperial LeBaron. Back in the day. Wow. So smooth and calming. Perhaps you know him better as the narrator of the opening credits of Knight Rider. With David Hasselhof. Love it.

Voiceactor and voiceover

Whether  I’m voicing a character in a cartoon, corporate film or commercial, I get absorbed in it. Without hearing me, you can tell by my facial expressions what kind of voice I’m using. You can actually hear facial expressions. Give it a go…say the sentence: “Joshua does have quite a pleasant voice. Yes, I’ll get in touch with him.” with a frown and grimace and then with a smile. And hear the difference. Cool right?

Different voice different moods

My voice adapts to each project, fine tuned to your wishes and complimentary to the production. From dramatic to  authoritarian, from warm to jovial, from seriously happy to scared, from mysterious to humorous, from  young to old and wise, and from over the top ridiculous hard-sell to sweet and sexy soft-sell. You name it, I’ll record it.






Voice over Dutch and English

Thanks to my roots and international training and education I speak two native ‘mother tongues’: American (International) English and Dutch. Both well understood by a broad audience.

Voice actor with direction and creativity

As an all-round voice over I take direction well. If there’s no direction or briefing for a specific voice, I’ll dig into my bag of tricks and give my take on the matter. And as you by now know, if you’re not satisfied with the tone of voice then I’ll happily do a retake. 

Recording from home or on location

At home I have all the necessary equipment to record voice-overs, allowing for quick delivery, fast retakes and easy communication. But I’m just as happy to travel to an outside recording studio, should you prefer.


Let me talk for you

So you need a pleasant sounding male all-round voice-over or voice actor, in Dutch or Neutral American English? You name it, I’ll record it.

Contact me!

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