About me

Little boy

As a child from an American  mom and a Dutch/South African/Danish dad (long story) I grew up in Bussum and later in Paris.

My first steps into the acting world were taken in high school, at the International ATC, as Nicely Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I loved it.

Moving to France and attending The American School of Paris, I was able to choose from many subjects, one being Theatre Arts. Needless to say that choice was made fast and easy.

And when it was time to choose what to study after high school, I decided on the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London.

Slightly bigger boy

And there I was, in 1998, with a BA(Hons) in Acting, ready for the real world. Well…kind of. Of course I had no idea how the real world really worked. So I took a huge leap, packed my bags and moved to LA. Although I didn’t do much (read:any) acting in LA, I did work as a set PA on several feature films, which was an invaluable and very enjoyable  experience. About a year later I was offered an acting role in London and headed back. 

Grown up boy

I have since been fortunate (and grateful) to have been able to play in some amazingly funny and sad and scary feature films, with the greatest and kindest of actors. From a Dutch Jew in the action/drama film Sobibor and an American gangster in Black Widow V, to an Eastern European surgeon in the zombie film Yummy. You suddenly find yourself walking around (watch out - spoiler alert) with a severed arm spraying liters of blood….that’s living baby. Though I most enjoyed my role as comic villain and mean Brit, Oliver Laertes, in The Prince and Me 3. Outstanding crew, amazing cast, delicious character, lots of laughter, the freedom to perform. Thank you Catherine.






Experienced (voice)actor, with the spirit of a kid

Meanwhile, I had  moved to Amsterdam - where I could hop on my bicycle and visit family and friends - and where I discovered voice overs and voice acting. My first voice-over was in 2004. It’s been a great ride thus far. I love it.

Commercials, corporates, industrials, filmtrailers, animation, audioguides, dubbing, ADR, IVR…they all demand a unique voice and I have one of those. Truthfully, everyone has a unique voice. I’m simply very fortunate that I may use it for a living.

“A tiny adjustment in tone makes a huge difference”

And the weirder the better. In Percy’s Tiger Tales I played a hyperactive, zany monkey; a fatherly, slightly mad old goat and a cute fire-breathing dragon. Weird  right? I love my job.


Let me talk for you

So you need a pleasant sounding male all-round voice-over or voice actor, in Dutch or Neutral American English? You name it, I’ll record it.

Contact me!

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